All the startups wishing to be part of Le Tremplin should submit their application between December 10th and January 20th of each year.

To be eligible for incubation, the startup must present an innovative product/service that meets a market need, have a strong development potential and be created within the last 5 years. After Paris&Co’s team review of the applications, shortlisted applicants are invited to present their project to a selection committee composed of Le Tremplin’s partners, external experts and members of Le Tremplin.

The integration into Le Tremplin is mainly based on the quality of the applications. There are no quotas as for the number of startups that constitute each year’s cohorts but the only limit is the availability of desks on their premises. The application process, from submission to selection committee, can take up to 3 months. At the end of this process, an average of 10% of applicants are effectively integrated.

Since 2015, Le Tremplin received over 400 applications! The fields vary from enhancing the fan experience to the performance of athletes but also sports in companies, well-being, eSports, IoT, virtual reality, products, services… Le Tremplin has worked closely with the City of Paris, the FDJ and WILLA to increase female entrepreneurship in the field of sports and has seen the number of women founders within incubated startups increase from 0% in 2015 to 25% in its fourth batch of 2018.

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