Colosseum Sports Tech : Interview with Oren Simanian, Founder, Colosseum Sports Tech

“Cities have this capacity to understand that sport is not only about the competition but also about education and innovation”

Oren Simanian, Founder, Colosseum Sports Tech

Founder & Managing Director at Colosseum Sports Tech The first Israeli International Sports Technology Innovation Centre. Colosseum Sport was founded by Oren as an outcome of his personal passions as a Soccer referee for twenty years in Israel’s premier leagues and as a key leader in the Israeli startup ecosystem.


More About Oren:

Oren is a key-figure in the Israeli start-up ecosystem | Speaker | Senior strategic innovation advisor.

¤ Founder of StarTAU, at Tel-Aviv University, an internationally renowned Entrepreneurship Center. Founded in 2009. One of the most active startup communities in Israel at the time.

¤ Founder of OTWOI Innovation Group, an Innovative collaboration between international and Israeli companies such as Phillip Morris, Kodak, Indiegogo, Ashford and more.

¤ Founding member at TAU Ventures, Tel Aviv University VC.

¤ Selected as one of the ten most influential founders in the Israeli startup ecosystem by the Startup Guide Tel Aviv 2017.

¤ Was part of the team that built the entrepreneurial programs at the new Israeli innovation Center: The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. Named after the 9th President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres.

Oren has been active for more than ten years in the Israeli and international entrepreneurship & innovation scene, with 65 international entrepreneurial talks including sports tech and the rise of tech communities at top stages like TEDx & The World Bank.

Could you please tell us a bit more about you and why have you decided to create the Colosseum Sports Tech?

I decided to create the Colosseum Sports Tech because I saw the opportunity to combine my two passions: sport and innovation. As a soccer referee for twenty years in Israel’s premier leagues, I truly believe in the power of sport. Combining this passion with my experience in the Israeli startup ecosystem was for me a dream becoming true.

What challenges did you face when creating the Colosseum Sports Tech?

We are always facing new challenges. The main one is perhaps the lack of innovation know how within the organisations, teams, and corporates that are linked to the sports industry. Many of them say that disruptive innovation is crucial, while few are actively involved. Those who are taking part and investing resources today are those who will remain relevant tomorrow.

How is the public sector involved in your practices? Do you have any plan of partnering with any cities / the Government of Israel?

Yes and, in particular the city of Tel Aviv who is very active in the tech ecosystem as well other cities like Netanya. We are currently in discussion with those cities and hope to develop a solid partnership with them. Cities have this capacity to understand that sport is not only about the competition but also about education and innovation. On another note, Colosseum Sports Tech receives support from the Israeli innovation authority and the Ministry of Digital Israel.

And finally, since you are in the heart of sports innovation – Could you tell us more about the emerging trends/future trends in the sports industry?

Personalization of fan engagement and for athlete development. The need for self-costumed solution or services is growing rapidly:

1. eSports – It speaks for itself. Its success is simply dazzling.

2. Data Collection & Management – Most of the products are not yet accurate. It is crucial for all aspects and I’m sure we will see more advancement in this vertical.