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As the world’s leading network of sports cities, we aim to empower cities to achieve their social, economic, promotional and environmental goals through sport. To do so, we offer cities a unique platform that allows them to learn new skills, share experiences and connect with International Sports Federations and their peers in cities around the world.

Alongside publishing breakthrough reports and case studies that inspire cities, we also facilitate an annual Summit that brings together more than 100 sports cities and 300 participants from around the world. 

Established in 2014, Smart Cities & Sport is an initiative which originates from the group of former and future Olympic Host Cities. It has since expanded to any cities interested in using sport as a platform for growth and development. We are led by a team of talented members who are constantly looking for new ways to unlock the potential of cities to becoming smarter through sport

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Anne-Sophie Nivet

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Claudia Furnari

Event Manager

Héloïse Signe

Project Manager

Milinda Wannakula

Project Manager

Jeremy Jaquier


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