About us

We believe that cities are where sport can best be used as leverage to improve people’s lives

who we are

55% of the world’s population lives in cities, a proportion that is expected to increase to 68% by 2050. Cities are where the future happens – and we believe that sport has a significant role to play!

We think that sport is not only a fantastic platform for staying healthy, but also helps build smart cities, educate youth, create social cohesion, develop the economy – and much more!

The value and strength of smartcities & sport lies in its unique network; in the emulation between its members, the sharing of best practices and the mutual inspiration on how to use sport as a relevant and effective way to improve cities in all aspects of their development.

Established in 2014, smartcities & sport is an initiative that originates from the World Union of Olympic Cities which gathers former and future Olympic Host Cities. It has since expanded to cities interested in using sport as a platform for growth and development.

a powerful platform for

Moving people
Playing on the fied
Shaking up ideas
Building Bridges
Crossing lines

we believe that sport plays a role in shaping the future of cities. And so do you?

our game plan

The Playing Field

It‘s your city! From traditional sports facilities to more unconventional open-air sports grounds, cities offer endless possibilities for using the urban environment to promote sport and its practice. 

The Players

Whether your are a city, an international or national sports federation, a local sports association, or active in the sports industry – this network is for you! 

The Rules

Understand that there is no finish line as the objective is to score points for your city, face the hurdles together and keep the ball of knowledge and experience rolling.

The Resources

Get ready to reach a new summit each year, to network and be inspired by the thematic publications and newsletters.

The Values

Inspire and be inspired, keep an open mind and stand together – it’s because of you that this network is so unique.

The Team

Our motto: unity is strength! We are driven to shake up the network with new ideas that help get cities moving through sport!

meet the team

Mélanie Duparc


Anne-Sophie Nivet


Claudia Furnari

Event Manager

Fadhel Ben Naceur


Simon Jordan

Executive assistant

contact us

For any question and information, do not hesitate to contact us:


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