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As the world’s leading network of sports cities, we aim to empower cities to achieve their social, economic, promotional and environmental goals through sport.

To do so, we offer cities a unique platform that allows them to learn new skills, share experiences and connect with international sports federations and their peers in cities around the world.

Alongside publishing breakthrough reports and case studies to inspire cities, we also facilitate an annual Summit that gathers together more than 100 sports cities from around the world. 


Established in 2014, Smart Cities & Sport is an initiative which originates from the group of former and future Olympic Host Cities. It has since expanded to any cities interested in using sport as a platform for growth and development.

We are led by a team of talented members who are constantly looking for new ways to unlock the potential of cities to become smarter through sport.

2021 Summit in Copenhagen - Denmark

The annual Smart Cities & Sport took place from November 22th-24th, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Thank you very much for your participation and see you next year in Lausanne.

The programme is out!

This year, the Smart Cities & Sport Summit programme will be comprised of several interactive sessions which will be addressing topics that are at the core of today’s concerns for public sector’s sport representatives.

The programme will feature speakers from world-renown international organisations, prestigious city leaders and International Federations representatives who will provide cities from all around the world with concrete and relevant takeaways.

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Your city is innovative and uses sport as a catalyst for positive change? Then, you are on the right spot! Smart Cities & Sport is calling on you to share your best insights on how your city uses sport to achieve its social, economic, promotional and environmental goals.

Get the chance to be featured in our monthly newsletters, quarterly publications and to present your project on stage at our Summit next November. Your ideas deserve to be heard and spread across the globe to inspire! Smart Cities & Sport is here to help you do just that.

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Smart Cities & Sport is the leading network that connects cities and sport throughout the year and during its annual Summit.  The next Summit will be held in autumn 2021. More details will be provided shortly…

Stay tuned! 

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Sport Tourism (R)evolution

In line with Smart Cities & Sport’s role as a knowledge exchange platform and catalyst for change, this new publication aims to shed light on how best to combine sport and tourism as a catalyst for cities to achieve their goals, be they economic, social or environmental.
The publication starts with key facts and figures on the industry from the tourism sector including sport tourism. It also defines sport tourism – “leisure-based travel participate in and/or watch physical activities or to visit attractions associated with physical activities” – and the role cities canplay in this sector.

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The Smart Cities & Sport Network collects good practices from all over the world, read more about the latest trend!

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