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smartcities & sport is about emulation amongst its members, sharing best practices and mutual inspiration on how to use sport as a relevant and efficient means and medium to improve cities in all aspects of their development. participation is a win-win! Pass the starting line, get on the field, and experience the smartcities & sport network.

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summit 2024: save the date!


What is better than an on-site event for meeting, discussing, sharing ideas, developing collective thinking, finding individual answers, inspiring and being inspired? Each year, smartcities & sport organises a unique event – the summit – and you are invited to ascend!

This journey unfolds over two days of high-level conferences, networking moments, and social events that allow you to meet the participants in a more informal setting.

The summit 2024 is scheduled on the 11-13 of November in Lausanne, the Olympic Capital. Save the date and get ready to move into the starting blocks!

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