Trentino Sviluppo, Trentino’s territorial development agency, has been recently mandated by the Autonomous Province of Trento to develop a 3-year international strategy on Sport Tech, Sport Economy and Sport Innovation.

One important element of the strategy was to ensure its alignment with the educational system. Such strategy was therefore elaborated in collaboration with the University of Trento, the University of Verona and other labs (ProM Facility for Industry 4.0, TESS Lab on sustainability, CERISM).

The strategy is strategically focused on the sport economy, on the sport tech and on the virtuous circle between sport, innovation and startup. It will be defined and refined in the short-term, but it will be a long-term sustainable strategy integrated in a whole-of-government approach and closely connected with the private sector. The objectives were set in the provincial law 4 of 2016 and they range from the economic dimension of sport to industrial research, from business acceleration to physical activities, from healthy life styles (in line with the 2017 Tartu Call for a Healthy Life-Style, signed by 3 European Commissioners) to the educational system (and dual careers).

The “Festival of Sport” (11-14 October 2018) was the pinnacle of this sport strategy. Born from a collaboration between La Gazzetta dello Sport and Trentino Marketing (a society fully participated by Trentino Sviluppo), the Festival was populated by 150 events and 200 sport leaders (among others Alexander Ceferin, President UEFA; Andrea Agnelli, President ECA; Carlo Ancelotti; Pep Guardiola; Ross Brawn; Steve Nash; Alberto Contador; Federica Pellegrini; Pierluigi Collina; Bebe Vio); the Festival demonstrated the Trentino commitment to sport.

The “Trentino Sport Tech Arena” was a special location inside the “Festival of Sport”, which showcased what Trentino does (and will do) in terms of the relationship between Sport-Innovation-Technology, the future technological trends and the meaning of entrepreneurship in sport. In this physical, institutional and conceptual space, Trentino Sviluppo hosted the start-up it incubates, the innovative projects of the Trentino System of Innovation and a multiplicity of enterprises/entrepreneurs.

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