Wingfield is a sports tech company that democratises match & performance analytics for the broad amateur tennis community. It’s developing a system that can transform any tennis court in the world into a smart court. The only thing needed is the Wingfield Box – an installation consisting of two cameras and a processor unit. Based on AI and innovative image processing software, Wingfield is able to track and evaluate tennis matches. When playing on a court equipped with the Wingfield System, players get the same game analytics as the professionals do. The system keeps track of the score, analyses their strokes, detects their weaknesses, and gives feedback immediately after a match or practice session. From the average speed of their serve to a point-by-point video analysis of their game, the system provides the players with all the information needed to improve their game. In the long term, however, the company sees itself less as a mere service provider for data analysis in tennis, but rather as a supplier of a digital infrastructure, which should provide sustainable added value to the entire tennis ecosystem.ForwardGame AR

ForwardGameAR focuses on innovation in team sports fan engagement, making what they see as three key elements: gaming, active and outdoor. ForwardGameAR’s concept was developed based on the need of the “connected generation” that less and less are involved in physical activity. Young people rarely play outdoors. A vast amount of their time is spent on non-active and non-social games. They want to harness the technology to bring back play as it was meant to be – active, outdoors and playful. They have developed a game engine for social, complex, evolving and diverse mobile games, played outdoors through physical activity. Fun, engaging and addictive like the most popular mobile games, but also healthy and charged with the feeling of “playing for real”. They are now working on exciting projects with some of Germany’s top clubs.Skillyoga

Skillyoga is the first yoga training system dedicated to men. Skillyoga proposes an innovative training system with hundreds of male teachers, trainers and athletes with the goal of making yoga more accessible and appealing to men who have wanted but also struggled to start their yoga training. Training sessions consist of 30-minute video workouts with one of the world’s leading yoga athletes, Benjamin Sears. Participants can learn new yoga skills, from easy to more advanced poses, in a simple yet very effective way.

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