We asked leAD about the latest trends in the industry…

After reviewing 1,000+ sports-related investment opportunities from around the world over the last two years and based on their three verticals: (1) next generation of fan engagement & experience (2) connected sports technologies (3) derivative sports markets, these are three trends that leAD has observed:

Engaging fans better and delivering the most immersive experience

Solutions include: Smart Venues, Engagement & Matchmaking, Media & Content Delivery, Fan Data & Analytics

Supporting athletes and people with an active lifestyle to be at their best

Solutions include: Smart Devices & Wearables, Tracking, Image Recognition, Activity Data & Analytics, Apps for Training & Coaching

New business models and revenue opportunities in sports

Solutions include: Marketplaces & Matchmaking, Influencers & Sponsorship, New Sports & eSports, Betting, Games & Fantasy Sports