The Colosseum Sports Tech: A key player in the Israeli Tech Ecosystem

Colosseum Sports Tech is an International Innovation Centre in cooperation with leading corporates, organisations, entrepreneurs, investors and VCs to create a platform for engaging, collaborating and scaling up Sports Tech worldwide.


Colosseum Sports Tech includes three different types of activities :

The Colosseum Sports Tech Community

Colosseum Sport is a vital community for Israeli sports technology companies, promoting open innovation to shape the future of sports. Tailored events, such as the Colosseum Sports Tech Summit, connect all of Israel’s sports technology companies and, together with Colosseum’s Innovation Lab and VC arm, Colosseum Sports Tech helps all sports tech companies thrive.

The Colosseum Sports Lab

The CSL, Colosseum Sports Lab, is a Sports Tech Innovation Center based in Tel Aviv that is working to serve as the meeting point between new disruptive technology and the sports industry leaders. The CSL currently works with many of the 170+ Israeli sports tech startups. Colosseum Elite, the top programme of the lab, is a unique program for early stage startups in the sports sector. This new space will host facilities for sports technology implementation (on-site R&D) and will serve as the go-to site for sports technology endeavors in Israel, and one day, around the globe. The lab works closely with international corporations, organisations, and leading sports teams, creating value for both them and the startups.

The Colosseum Ventures

Colosseum Ventures, the venture capital arm of Colosseum, focuses on sports-related technologies across all verticals, aiming to invest in early-stage (‘seed’ – ‘Round A’) startups in the growing sector. The model is a Classic VC model, led by experienced partners with extensive industry know-how. The VC seeks to promote and sustain activities in the area while having strong international affiliations in order to better support and engage with the local startups.