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The MASH Programme

Jun 1, 2017

“How Munich’s youth keeps the Olympic Legacy alive” – Initiated in 2014, MASH is a successful and developing action sports event organised in the famous Munich Olympic Park.
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Initiated in 2014, MASH is a successful and developing action sports event organised in the famous Munich Olympic Park. Combining top level action sports with a laid-back cultural spirit and lifestyle, MASH presents the international elite of action sports in various disciplines, such as Wakeboard, Mountainbike Slopestyle, BMX Street, Skateboard Street and other. Let’s take a look at this great initiative from the City of Munich, aiming to connect with its youth through the legacy of the 1972 Summer Olympic Games.

What does the MASH Programme consist of?

Each discipline in the MASH Programme features the world’s best athletes showing breath-taking tricks and combos and creating an adrenaline filled atmosphere with international flair. A never before seen set up mesmerizes spectators and athletes alike.

The sports competitions are accompanied by supporting program – MASH Fest – which consists of an inspiring mixture of music, arts, fashion and design. Free of charge, MASH is open to all visitors and is a place to watch, test, experience, interchange and just “be”.

The premiere of MASH at Munich Olympic Park from July 18-20, 2014 attracted more than 52’000 spectators to experience and celebrate Next Level Action Sports and already in 2015, this number was increased to 68’000 spectators and 85’000 spectators in 2016 respectively. Within three years, MASH has developed into a high potential action sports festival, that can successfully be adapted to other locations and countries. Munich Olympic Park is currently exploring this matter and actively seeking international cities that might be interested in the event format.

How is MASH organised?

MASH is organised in the Olympic area located in the north of Munich, which is managed by the Olympiapark München GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of the City of Munich. The company’s tasks include the maintenance of the venues facilities, buildings and outside areas of the park and to attract and create events to fill it with life.

Within the Olympiapark München GmbH events team there is a separate young team looking especially after the planning and execution of the MASH. With its great event organizational skills and wide ranging network in the action sports world it guarantees the success of the MASH since its introduction in 2014.

What are the objectives of Olympiapark Muenchen GmbH?

The public company managing the Olympic Park in Munich has two main objectives:

Accelerate sustainable urban development

Since the Olympic Games in 1972, 33 World, 12 European and 100 German championships have been organized in the Munich Olympic Park, as well as a wide range of other important sports events, concerts with pop, rock and classical stars, trade fairs, congresses and exhibitions. With their many additional and modern attractions, the leisure and tourist facilities have been just as successful too.

With this unique concentration and combination of different event and leisure facilities and corresponding attractions, the Olympic Park in Munich has developed to become one of the most important centres of its kind.

Create new international connections

International event centre, sports and recreational park and tourist attraction with world fame – that’s the Olympic Park in Munich. With its unique architectural buildings, the Olympic park has already admitted more than 198,6 million registered visitors, 111,6 million of them visiting 12.310 sports, cultural and commercial events and about 87 million being guests in the recreational and tourist facilities. In the business year 2014 alone there were 4,2 million visitors, 2,4 million of them visiting 323 events and more than 1,8 million the recreational facilities.

MASH is only one example of the many initiatives that have been developed by Olympiapark München GmbH to fulfill these two objectives. The programme’s focus on the youth also ensures a great future for the Olympic Legacy from the 1972 Games.

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