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Interview with Ignacio Soriano, 3×3 head of events and partnerships, FIBA

Jul 12, 2022

We asked FIBA’s Ignacio Soriano to tell us more about what 3×3 events can do for cities, looking at their role in branding, youth engagement and the fusion of sport and culture.
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FIBA 3×3 events transform the city and its iconic venues into a true basketball court. How does FIBA work with cities to enhance their branding through the hosting of 3×3 events?

We benefit from a wide range of 3×3 events in our menu. From a grassroot event open to everyone to the top 3×3 events in the world, like the FIBA 3×3 World Tour or the FIBA 3×3 World Cup. We have events for all types of cities and all types of budgets, and this is what differentiates us from many other (Olympic) sports. We want cities to identify themselves with a young, urban Olympic sport, played by millions of players where success is possible for everyone, no matter their size or theirculture.

3×3 is particularly popular with young people, a highly entertainment-oriented audience. How does FIBA 3×3 manage to continue to take Gen Z’s breath away?

1/3 of our events are pure entertainment. Our engagement ratio is unbeatable and we are a super-fast paced sport so you cannot get distratcted when watching. Our new sport presentation tools, such as on-court 3×3 quizzes, mobile voting at dunk contests and others, are what our young fans want to enjoy on site. This, added to our social media channels with tailor-made content for the different audiences, makes our events both on-site and online very attractive.

3×3 events integrates culture and sport to make it a real urban festival. Do you think that sport and culture have a lot to gain from each other?

Sport and culture have intrinsic value to people and places. Sport enhances social and cultural life by bringing together individuals and communities. 3×3 is used as a tool to integrate different communities in cities. We use our events to display local culture, allowing cities to showcase their performers and local traditions. In 3×3, sport and culture go hand in hand.

As the person responsible for events and partnerships, ‘partnerships’ are indeed at the heart of your daily work. How would you define a successful partnership with cities?

A successful partnership with a city is one that keeps renewing with us year after year. We have a renewal city ratio of over 80%! This proves that 3×3 is one of the best sport events for a city. For venue promotion, as a tourism destination perspective, as a showcase or as the leading event at an urban festival.

Will participating cities have the opportunity to meet you in person at the smartcities & sport summit 2022 in Lausanne on October 24-26?

Absolutely, it will be my pleasure!

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