Sydney Sports Incubator’s Golden Nuggets


BioConnected manufacture state-of-the-art biometric earphones and develop the unique software to power this technology. Put simply, our earphones provide the most accurate measurements of heart rate and movement, whilst you exercise, of any wearable on the market and with real time audio bio-feedback of all your workout metrics. And you can still listen to your favorite music as well. BioConnected – connects you with your body whilst you exercises.


Gym Sym V1.0 is a device that can be attached to a barbell to measure horizontal level. Gym Sym V2.0 is a wearable technology that tracks and measures the symmetrical movement between two devices in real time. The devices benefit anyone wishing to track and improve their technique, form and balance context.


Briometrix has developed eHealth devices and metrics for wheelchair users. The technology tracks the movements of the wheelchair, providing information about fitness, propulsion technique and comparisons to others with similar injuries. We use smartphones and wearable devices to collect location based data on the terrain, the movements of the wheelchair, and the physical effort of the pilot. We use this data to build a picture of personal fitness, sports performance, wheelchair skills, social inclusion and the accessibility of the city.The data collected is an invaluable resource for users, healthcare providers, insurers and manufacturers. The user is engaged through setting challenges with friends and personal best, social sharing, and sharing data with OT / healthcare on progress in fitness and skills. It also engages by presenting data that can monitor injury prevention.


The Nurocheck is a portable concussion assessment device, which provides reliable, accurate and objective assessment in concussion. This product has a significant market with 10 million sports related concussion globally each year relating to $60 billion global annual cost. All combat and contact sports are relevant, plus those where contact is incidental (e.g. netball, equestrian, water-skiing, etc.).