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Your city is innovative and uses sport as a catalyst for positive change? Then, you are on the right spot! Smart Cities & Sport is calling on you to share your best insights on how your city uses sport to achieve its social, economic, promotional and environmental goals.

Get the chance to be featured in our monthly newsletters, quarterly publications and to present your project on stage at our Summit next November. Your ideas deserve to be heard and spread across the globe to inspire! Smart Cities & Sport is here to help you do just that.

Sport for Growth

Major sports events represent a valuable economic investment. However, its business model has historically been based on three sources of revenue - broadcasting, commercial and ticketing – which have been undermined by the Coronavirus crisis. We are, therefore, looking for cities that have expanded upon this model and are looking at new and perhaps more sustainable economic models.

Sport for All

Although much progress has been made over the last decade, there are still many barriers to access sport for all. We are looking for cities that have been able to overcome these barriers and bring people closer to sport. In addition, we would also be interested in the case of cities that have used sport to educate and empower its youngest citizens.

Sport for Health (COVID-19 response)

The role of sport in promoting people's health is undisputable - and this is even more true during health crises such as the one related to COVID-19. We would like to highlight the efforts of cities that have been creative during the Coronavirus outbreak in giving their populations the opportunity to remain active despite the lockdown.

Sport for Peace

Sport has an incredible power: to be universal. It has been proven to be a fundamental tool to build bridges between communities regardless of a country's level of political stability. We want to hear from cities that have successfully used sport as a tool to promote peace in their communities.

Sport for Environment

Climate change is leading society to be more responsible in its ecological footprint. Sport is no exception. We would like to showcase cities that have established an ambitious environmental policy when hosting sports events or even in their general approach to sport.

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The platform is open anytime for those of you willing to be featured in our newsletter or quarterly publications. Don’t hesitate to send us a few words about your initiatives – we look forward to hearing more about your exciting projects!


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