All partners of Le Tremplin share the common ambition to foster innovation in sports. Each one of them brings its unique technical expertise and contributes to the development of the startups through Proof of Concepts (POCs), partnerships, pilot testing or acting as a launching customer.

In addition to financial support, both the Founding and Institutional Partners provide Le Tremplin with enhanced credibility and visibility.

Le Tremplin is an initiative of the City of Paris who assigned Paris&Co to create the world’s first sports innovation platform. The National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance (INSEP) was Le Tremplin’s first founding partner then followed by the French Lottery (FDJ) and NIKE. From the very start, actors from different industries and sectors supported the project from an ideological and financial perspective. Each actor that joined Le Tremplin (Founding partner, institutional partner, sectorial partner or startup) came with a common, yet tacit vision: “Together we stand, divided we fall”. This motto is what makes the strength of Le Tremplin and accelerated the growth of great entrepreneurial adventures and gave birth to valuable collaborations between the public sector, the private sector and startups in France and abroad.

In order to better understand the needs of the sports market on a global level and see how to best meet them, Le Tremplin (Paris, France), Sports Innovation Lab (Boston, USA) and lead (Berlin, Germany) launched a partnership. Having a European and cross-continental collaboration will help have a trusted and comprehensive source of data on sports technology and the future of sport.

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